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Will is a solo project of interactive cinematic experience with the focus on transition.  


Hammy is a simple memory game designed for adults and kids. Join Hammy - an adorable nuts collector, and Chucky - a little sneaky nuts thief, memorize and follow their path, together with your all-age family and friends!


"ITO" is a casual single-player game for Mobile & Tablet. Player controls the chameleon, change its color to connect color-matched rings. The rings come and go, stay as long as possible in the game to achieve high score!


PLOY is a 4-player Coop-game in which the players battle one another to be the last one standing. Each player owns a shape consisting of multiple destructible cubes.​

VR Exhibtion : ART DECO

Experience the roaring twenty and make your own art deco style poster!

VR Exhibition: ARTDECO is an interactive visual presentation game which allows the player to enter the world of 1920s in Virtual Reality.

Holoalbum - a farewell story

Holoalbum – a farewell story is a game project made with Microsoft Hololens and collaboration with Hasselwerder Villa at Schöneweide, Berlin. 

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