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PLOY is a 4-player Coop-game in which the players battle one another to be the last one standing. Each player owns a shape consisting of multiple destructible cubes.

To attack another shape, one can throw bombs across the splitscreen using the crosshairs. If the majority of the structure is destroyed the respective player will die.
Apart from attacking the others, players can also rotate their shapes to dodge projectiles and collect Power Ups as well as different events like a defending event or a cube eating bug occur during play time.


  • 4 Player Split Screen

  • Cross-Screen Projectile Throwing

  • Dodging in 3D with 2D visual effect

  • Power up Pick-Ups

  • Various modes for rebalancing the game

  | Player                   Multiplayers (Up to 4)

  | Platforms              Windows

  | Genre                   Coop-Action game

  | Average Session  10 Mins

  | Inputs                   XBOX Controller

  • Winter, 2016 – 3 months project

  • Team Members 4

  • A Student project of HTW Game Design (BA)

  • Made with Unity  

  • My task in this project: Programming, Sound Design, Game Art



PLOY is developed by Team NoChika:  I Chen Lin, Noah Osarenren, Christopher Remde, Katharina Siemsen

Project Coach: Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer, Sven-Thomas Gorholt  


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Visual Ideation

Inspiration pictures we researched & collected from Pinterest. Which I always found something lead me to think out of box. Ploy was designed to present a harmony and abstract look.