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UI Design

I have focused on UI/UX design since 2018, during my time working at Vividchain and Ubisoft Berlin. I was responsible for generating Wireframe, Prototype and Mockup until Handoff process. Following are some personal practice outside of work.

​Both projects that I've worked on are still under NDA and will be updated soon.

Character Select and Gear Slot 

Jan / 2019

This was a UI mock up practice for character Selection and Gear Slot presentation, my main focus was to create the mockup and motion design in the setting based on the game "Sleeping Dog". In order to maintain the consistency of the reference / art style, I studied its layout, did a research on font, effect, color and visual elements.  I decided to recreate some essential assets like information box , grunge texture and the tattoo, neon lights features. Afterward I implemented my own design, I would like to achieve a clean and hard edge, but with the grunge, underworld touch. In addition, I created a moodboard on Pinterest, collected movie poster design like “Triad”, “Triad election” and neon-noir photos, westling pictogram as my design inspirations. 

Sketch, Wireframe and Iterations:

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