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VR Exhibition: ART DECO

Experience the roaring twenty and make your own art deco style poster!

VR Exhibition: ARTDECO is an interactive visual presentation game, it allows the player to enter the world of 1920s in Virtual Reality.
This game is all about the aesthetics of art deco era, the player will find the elements in the game such as streamline design automobile, the architectures, the fashion and music that build up the full atmosphere.

Inspired by the great artists like Cassandre, Louis Lozowick, and Jean Carlu, we created the flat shading, sharp edge, 2D illusion on game objects, in order to simulate the art style. Player could pick up every element in the game and modified their size and angle, place them on a canvas and make your own customized poster.


  • Visual & Sounds, full experience in VR

  • Interactable game object

  • Create your own customize ART DECO style poster

  • In Game camera and automatically save as JPG

  • Educational UI-text about the 1920s era

  | Player                   Single player

  | Platforms              Windows

  | Genre                   Artistic VR game

  | Average Session  15 Mins

  | Inputs                   HTC VIVE

  • Spring, 2017 – 3 weeks experimental project

  • Team members: 3

  • A Student project of HTW Game Design (BA)

  • Made with Unity & HTC VIVE  

  • My task in this project: 3D Modeling, 2D Texture, Research, Project management


VR EXHIBITION: ART DECO is developed by I Chen Lin, Noah Osarenren, Melwin Noe.

Project Coach: Prof. Susanne Brandhorst, Prof. Thomas Bremer 

Gameplay Video


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